Welcome to LDAPDNS

I should point out that this page is for LDAPDNS 3. If you're looking for ldapdns 2 (current stable), your best bet presently is to head over to the old site for ldapdns

On the other hand, if you have a spare machine (or vmware, or bochs), then I urge you to try LDAPDNS 3. It's much faster, and has a much cleaner code base. Plus it has absolutely no dependancies on OpenLDAP's client library.

check out LDAPDNS from CVS (it's not that hard) and give it a try. If you can't use CVS for whatever reason, you can download the latest snapshot from http://ldapdns.sourceforge.net/ldapdns-cvs-snapshot.tar.gz - this is rebuilt about once a day. I try to make sure that CVS builds work as well as they did before (if not better), but I always post to the ldapdns-devel list when I make changes in CVS, and the changelog at the bottom of this page is always updated (unless SF screws up...).

However you manage to get LDAPDNS 3 on your system, try it out, and subscribe to the ldapdns-devel and/or ldapdns-users mailing list. They're both extremely low traffic, but you'll need to be a subscriber to see my posts, and you'll need to be a subscriber to post your success (or failure) reports.

If you're comfortable in C, and want to be a bit more active in LDAPDNS 3, let me know. I don't think the code is particularly scary, although some might think I enjoy macros a wee bit too much.

Or you can write installation/usage documentation. This counts as development too, and we'll need it come release. Just submit your documentation and let ldapdns-devel know what you did. It'll get checked, and so long as it's not utter trolling, it'll probably get approved.

Or you can just test it. Post bugs and feature requests to the tracker.

Anyway, thanks for helping the LDAPDNS development.



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ldapdns: 2004-02-16 20:04 nimh

attrsearch.c, zonesearch.c
removal of some C++ comments

ldapdns: 2004-02-16 20:03 nimh

attrsearch.c, logging.h, zonesearch.c
bugfixes to additional section processing, CNAME answers, MX answers, and so on...

ldapdns: 2003-10-10 19:01 nimh

configure, configure.ac
dietlibc is now a --enable option

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